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Leonor Carpinteiro


Imię i Nazwisko:

Leonor Carpinteiro

Rok urodzenia:

Portugal, 1990



Leonor Carpinteiro



Master in Editorial Design (currently studying)

Rodzaj (e) uprawianej sztuki:

Letterpress printing, Screen Printing, Bookbinding, Film Photography

Rok powstania pierwszej książki:

My first book was printed in 2020 and it is the one I’m presenting now: The Press and the P

Ilość zrealizowanych książek:

So far I printed one artist book. I’m planning a new one for 2021

Wykorzystywane techniki:

Letterpress print, Handbound

Tytuły najważniejszych książek (max 3):



I printed this book in TYPA, a Museum and Studio dedicated to Paper and Print.

TYPA is a private museum-studio and the only print-related heritage institution in the whole region. They strive to keep the machines in their collection running and pass on the skills and know-how of traditional letterpress printing, binding and other related activities.

It includes a paper kitchen and paper studio, a notebook production studio, many different kind of printing machines (manual and electric platen presses, cylinder presses, a proofreading cylinder press, an etching press), composing machines (linotypes and monotype) and other machines (perforator, guillotine, staple, stitching, etc), as well as lots of letterpress equipment (metal and wood type, furniture, etc).

I spent a few months in TYPA working as a volunteer, and during the last month I used the studio to print this book.

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